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What Happens in Corinth...
J.D. Walt

Day 1: What Happens in Corinth…

Day 2: The Core Calling of Every Christian

Day 3: How Name-Dropping Works

Day 4: The Power of a Well-Placed Comma

Day 5: The Problem With Beauty Pageants

Day 6: A Word to Preachers and the People Who Listen to Them

Day 7: The Real Meaning of Maturity

Day 8: Why I’m Not a Disciple-Maker and You Aren’t Either

Day 9: The Problem of Worldly Christians and the Remedy

Day 10: What Farmers Know and the Rest of Us Don’t

Day 11: On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand?

Day 12: Why Your Local Church Matters and Why It May Not

Day 13: When the Church Should Divide and When It Shouldn’t

Day 14: Working at the Bottom of the Org Chart and Reporting to the Top

Day 15: Why I Think I’m Better Than You, and Why it Must Become Just the Opposite

Day 16: The Respectability of Conventional Wisdom

Day 17: The Two Word That Signify Mature, Adult Christianity

Day 18: The Problem With Saying, “Lord Willing, and the Creek Don’t Rise”

Day 19: Why Sexual Immorality is Not the Problem

Day 20: The Church at Corinth as a Bad Jerry Springer Rerun

Day 21: Why We Need Track Shoes When it Comes to Sexual Immorality

Day 22: What a True Sexual Revolution Might Look Like

Day 23: Why We Need Sound, Orthodox Biblical Scholars

Day 24: Why Be a Coach When You Are Called to Be a Player?

Day 25: The Most Important Question For Married Couples, and Couples Considering Marriage

Day 26: Until My Rights Are More About You Than Me, They Are Wrongs

Day 27: The Difference Between Being a Doormat and a Doorway

Day 28: Dealing With the Other Golden Rule

Day 29: Baby You Were Born to Run – Just Not Like You Thought

Day 30: Why Those Who Cannot Remember Their Past Are Destined to Repeat It

Day 31: Is Jesus Like You

Day 32: Why Facebook Now Offers Unlimited Customized Gender Identity Options

Day 33: What If We Tailgated Before Church?

Day 34: Some Reflections on the Original Happy Meal

Day 35: “Jesus Is Lord”: From Conviction-Less Claim to Core Truth

Day 36: What Our Bodies Can Teach Us About God

Day 37: Do People Actually Have Spiritual Gifts?

Day 38: Why the Only Thing That Counts is the Thing We Probably Aren’t Counting

Day 39: Do You Eagerly Desire the Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Day 40: Why Worship is Not About Preaching and Singing

Day 41: Why Greeting Your Seatmates in Church Won’t Cut It Anymore

Day 42: The Big Reason God Writes Us Letters

Day 43: Why New Testament Worship is More Like a Potluck Than a Production

Day 44: The Definitive Guide to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Day 45: Where Does the Gospel Begin? It Matters More Than You Think

Day 46: What If They Found the Bones of Jesus?

Day 47: How the Christian Faith Becomes Something Other Than the Christian Faith

Day 48: On Giving Ourselves Fully to the Work of the Lord

Day 49: The Second Half of the Gospel

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