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Clinton Alliance Church

About Us

The Clinton Alliance Church is a great place to grow individually and as a family. If people are to meet the challenges of life, they need to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually, and while nature provides all we need for physical growth, we have to look elsewhere for the needs of our hearts and minds. The Bible addresses many of those concerns with time-tested instruction that can help individuals and families negotiate the twists and turns of life and at the same time provide the understanding to stand up in the face of life’s difficulties and disappointments.

The Clinton Alliance Church is a great place to explore some of these issues—to raise questions and find answers to help you and your family better deal with life’s growing complexity. We provide accessible services with sermons that are understandable, and we never pass a collection plate. We also have many adult studies and terrific youth programs for every age.  

Our Ministries

Worship Service

Sunday 10:00

Each Sunday morning we gather together to sing hymns of praise and dive into God's Word.  Come worship with us!


Sunday Connections

Sundays 9:00am

Each Sunday morning from we provide classes for children of all ages as well as multiple different offerings for adults.  Come join us! 

Classes run from mid-September to mid-June.

Girl Holding BIble

Sunday Night Gathering

Sundays Starting at 6:30pm

This is a casual, friendly time for regulars that is seeker-friendly.  It would be perfect for inviting a neighbor, friend, relative, coworker, someone struggling who perhaps would not normally go to a traditional Sunday morning service. Music will draw us together. Prayer & Share time will change weekly to emphasize the aspects of praying for one another. Scripture Study will engage with the Bible verse by verse, digging deep to both understand and apply it.


Small Group Bible Studies

Weekday Evenings

While Sunday morning is an important part of the development of our Christian faith, it is in the discussion found in small groups that the Word of God takes root in our hearts and minds.  There are several ongoing studies that stand ready to welcome you!  Please contact the church office for details.

Prayer Group

Children’s Programs

Weekday Evenings During the School Year

Mondays 6:30 Battalion
Wednesday 6:30 Youth Group

Thursdays 6:30 Pioneer Girls

Children Praying

Morning Glories

Every Friday During the School Year
Meeting 10:00–12:00 (Youth Center)

Childcare 9:45–12:15 (Education Building)

The meeting begins with an opportunity for each woman to share how they’ve seen God’s goodness the previous week. We then watch or listen to a testimony or Bible teaching and discuss and conclude with prayer. We enjoy sharing our lives with one another while pointing each other towards Christ and encouraging each other to grow in His likeness. Morning Glories is a diverse group of women of all ages and backgrounds including a number of young moms. Childcare is a structured time including a Bible story, song, snack, and play time.



First Saturday of the Month 7am

A-Men is a band of brothers that meets each month to make ourselves and our struggles transparent because we need each other.  It is a time when we dive beneath the surface of our lives and discover God in ourselves and each other.  We begin to become comfortable in our own skin as Christian men. All that takes time.  Time to get the courage to share.  Time to learn how to trust.  Time to be real.  Time to get to know each other.  Time to learn to love and pray for each other.

Image by Jeremy Yap

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment


We all have favorite films that make us cry, inspire us, and touch our souls in wonderful but inexplicable ways. The majority of these films share a common theme: a single story of hope and love that has been told and retold in a thousand different ways, always to the same effect. This story points to something we all inherently need or subconsciously long for, even though we don't fully understand why.

Pastor Tom explores the meaning behind that story-God's tale of hope for us all-and why it matters in order to help others discover their part in this grand yet little understood epic. While revisiting the themes and characters from a variety of movies, Hartley draws a distinction between the stories that titillate the senses or manipulate emotions and the ones that challenge the mind and soul, and delves into the origin of certain stories, their meaning, why we never tire of hearing these stories, and why they matter so much to so many.

The One Story offers an inspirational examination of the common theme behind many movies while encouraging others to hope in the mystery of the unseen and believe in the power of the greatest story ever told.

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This is our high calling, to represent Christ, and act in His behalf, and in His character and spirit, under all circumstances and toward all people.

A.B. Simpson
Founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance


Contact Us

1192 Centre Rd
Rhinebeck, NY 12572


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